Our Most Wanted: Zenosynes` High-end Style Choices for 2020

Our Most Wanted: Zenosynes` High-end Style Choices for 2020

Our Most Wanted: Zenosynes` High-end Style Choices for 2020

We make clothes for those who realize the significance of having statement fashion pieces in their closets, but are too busy to look for lessons in style. Our collections bring fashion-forward pieces that make an entire outfit look just like that. Save time and solve style, in one move and one buy. 

Often asked for our most wanted, here are the celebrity pieces in the old and new collections. Versatility and quality over anything, our jumpsuits and the unisex designs captivate and simplify your boujee vibes. 

Most Wanted from Zenosyne: Style Choices for 2020

  1. The oversized white T-shirt

Attributes: Iconic white, Neon Logo, Comfortable cotton, timeless simplicity.

Fans of this style: 

Get the look with: a coat, blue or pink pants, a skirt or the ageless jeans and white sneakers. 

Fun fact about the white T-shirt: The Museum of Modern Art included the white T-shirt in the exhibition titled “Items: Is Fashion Modern? Along with Levi jeans, and little black dresses, this piece is a statement for the 20th and 21st centuries. 

  1. The cosy iconic JUMPSUIT, with a twist

Attributes: Easy black, utilitarian, chunky details, instant stylish street style, adjusted drawcords for waist emphasis.

Fans of this style: 

Get the look with: Gold, strappy sandals and attitude, maybe a mini bag, and then you’re done. 

Fun fact about the boilersuit:  The difference between a jumpsuit and a boilersuit is the snugness. While both are a one piece garment with a ling utilitarian history, the jumpsuit is slim-fitting, created in 1919 for parachuters to … well, JUMP from planes in it. The boilersuit  is looser fitting and more utilitarian, hence the chucky pockets and zipper we added to our pieces. 

  1. The Unisex leather jacket, in a brave yellow
  1. Attributes: Iconic garment, modern reinterpretation, unisex statement piece

    Fans of this style:

Get the look with: Part of the celebrity street style we love, make the most of the leather jacket with let fitting jeans, tulle or short pants and chunky sneakers.  

Fun fact about the leather jacket: While initially a utilitarian piece, then a completely masculine piece, and next a bad boy-bad girl kind of piece, you can make a statement using history on itself. 

Combine the leather jacket with a bold colour and the unisex trend to make it a seasonless wear quick choice. Keep it close and let it keep you stylish. 

What’s your favourite from our Most Wanted?

Zenosyne creates collections for people who live a fast-paced lifestyle and care about their sharp sense of style. So we understand if your first choice is an easy to wear, ready to style, intriguing item that caters to women and men who alternate a boujee with an urban vibe. 

Shop your favourite, see new designs. 

See you next time!


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