Zenosynes’ must have unisex clothing items: upgrade your wardrobe

Zenosynes’ must have unisex clothing items: upgrade your wardrobe

Unisex: a brand attribute to look for and 5 choices fit for all

Unisex (brand attribute, Zenosyne way,) < ʌnkənˈvɛnʃ(ə)n(ə) = adjective – designed to be suitable for both sexes. *noun – a style in which men and women look and dress in a similar way.

Zenosyne was created as a choice brand and solution that designs fashion-forward statement pieces that make an entire outfit. So that people with a fast-paced lifestyle can have their style problem solved instantly. 

Today we reach out to those who want to take style to another level, while also making it easy, cool, bold, comfortable, with affordable luxury items made to fit all

Zenosynes’ must have unisex clothing items: upgrade your wardrobe

The WHY we talked about: Current affairs editor at PinkNews, Nick Duffy is stating that unisex fashion is setting a new standard for the industry.

 “Unisex clothes are absolutely becoming the new normal in high street fashion. We’re seeing more and more major brands acknowledge that clothes do not have a gender“

Lacoste and Zenosyne (above) made choices to fit both and make the most out of a statement. Zenosyne grew into the trend when Duna, the brand creator, noticed that men were especially intrigued by the designs.

The 5 must have unisex pieces you can choose for you two, as a couple redefining boundaries and style choices, to your group of friends and an innovative capsule join wardrobe, between brother and sister, or just because you love the trend that’s here to stay. 

  1. The leather jacket – classic, timeless and so hot even when worn oversized on a woman’s body, it’s the luxury item you can invest in. 

We have the classic design with a twist, bolf zipper and overlapping effect. Recently featured in @designscene on @annachristinaschwartz.

2. The eternal white T-shirt – so closely related to the leather jacket that together they have created the epitome of cool since James Dean. Even now, to throw on a white T-shirt is a natural style choice any day and be it his, her, or just versatile, it’s just always there. 

100% cotton and with a small brand logo detail in neon pink, it’s the small piece of clothing you want to invest in, and unisex can be the defining feature to elevate it. 

3. Unisex cargo pants – for power couples and a striking lifestyle. 

We saw a real interest in our cargo pants design. Timeless in their comfort and style, they need to be light, baggy, and easy to style for a genuine street style icon. 

We designed them in grey, brown, and black, to match the all time favourites for those with a predilection for Athleisure and  activewear. 

4. The unisex all day jacket – an item to stay close at hand for any day, any outdoor trip, every rainy day, cloudy summer nights, or adventurous mountain escapes. 

Our cotton-blend zipper jacket makes it easy for you to share it with anyone and everybody. It’s just the right weight for transeasonal layering, and the exposed zippers from the hands are a cool detail that adds a nice twist to it.

Unisex is not and should not be defined as featureless monotony. We strive to provide confident, unique, and daring clothes for those ready to embrace a new effortless style. 

5. Must have sophisticated brown coat So necessary in any fashion forward oriented wardrobe, you can check both boxes: timeless elegance and modern unisex interpretation. 

Wear it every season, style for both or match together in a high-end fashion statement for those with knowhow. 

The real benefits of having a top 5 must have unisex clothing items

  • Accessibility for those always on the go
  • Convenience for those living together 
  • Accessible luxury and investing in quality, not quantity
  • Timeless capsule wardrobe
  • Statement style choices
  • Couple or friendship bonds 

Zenosyne has a favorite hashtag to define this years’ collection: #Belong. 

Making a priority from must have unisex clothing items, you can find yourself belonging to the  fast-paced tribe we speak to and identify with. 

See you next time #ZNSquad!


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