Winter coats and summer dreams: Keep the feeling alive!

Winter coats and summer dreams: Keep the feeling alive!

Winter coats and summer dreams

Keep the feeling alive!

Do you also experience a drop in your mood? If you are not, then you are one of the lucky ones and your spirit rules over the average. 

Once the Sun’s heat fades away, we start preparing for winter, and as a result, our energy levels decrease. During this time many people forget their summer dreams, among which is the desire to feel beautiful and to allow the world to see it. 

During summer we charge and recharge under the warm rays of the Sun and we feed our ego on these good vibes. You may think this is obvious, as so many fashion ideas and trends are actually inspired by the Sun. However, during this cold period summer dreams of beauty, skin, and colour are transferred to winter fashion. Today we shall talk about winter longings, but also about beauty and fashion, and we shall learn a fast way, a faster way, and the fastest way to choose winter coats, 2019-2020 season. 

Fast - How to choose winter coats, 2019-2020 trends

Did you pay attention to the latest Fashion Week shows and street styles?

Vogue France did, and after the shows from February, they conducted the top most searched coats inspired by the street style, and as a result, designers took these styles to the runway and created the 2019-2020 fall-winter fashion trends. 

According to Stylight, the world’s largest search engine for fashion and design, the top 7 searches were: 

  1. Pale-yellow coats, jackets, and blazers;
  2. Oversized coats, jackets, and blazers;
  3. Houndstooth print jackets, coats, and blazers;
  4. Sand, beige, eggshell, and off-white colored coats;
  5. Fuchsia coats, jackets, and blazers;
  6. Neon coats, jackets, and blazers;
  7. Metallic jackets and coats. 

Bold statement pieces for fast paced individuals are also favorites in this fashion segment: colors, patterns, and pieces which stand out. 

Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s vice president and fashion director says for Elle: 

“I love an oversized sherpa silhouette like the ones from Max Mara in light camel, ivory or grey. It’s the ultimate investment piece that will elevate any look from yoga pants, to denim or dresses.”

We believe the best winter coats 2019-2020 are the ones keeping the summer dream alive. They make us comfortable and ready to wear something with Sun infused touch. The true test for a winter coat is the way it reveals what you wear underneath instead of hiding your body. 

winter coats 2019-2020

Warm and stylish are common searches during the cold season, but women should keep in mind that if they want to dress bold it is not enough to simply look at fashion ideas. 

It is actually a very nice surprise to see stylish women on the streets during the cold season and we all get the warm feeling of “Well, maybe winter can also be fun”. 

Faster – How to get summer dreams in winter coats

Do you ever dream about warm winters near the fire and none of the headache that comes from actually facing the weather? 

You could let style go to sleep and prepare your stylish wardrobe for the spring. Until then you could walk outside less or you could wear a puffer coat, a winter beanie, or some stuffy layers. It is a faster way, an easier way.  

However, do you remember how well you felt last summer when your style was admired and you felt so well inside your skin by wearing your fast-paced lifestyle choices? 

Do you need to make a statement and still feel comfortable enough to wear a body and a flowy skirt under the winter coat?

Go with… 

Zenosyne and The fastest way to dream about summer during the 2019-2020 winter

These are not only the fastest tips & tricks, but also the statement pieces with that timeless quality you all love. 

Cotton, leather, midi and long, unisex, and oversized items are effortless choices for the armour against the cold weather, but they are also the allies for your summer loving self; because under every one of the choices we give you, you can still wear your genuine feel good pieces. 

According to George Kotsiopoulos, fashion associate at The New York Times Magazine:

“Winter dressing is all about having chic outerwear.”

The connection between summer dreams and stylish jackets and coats is that they maintain the delicate and high-end pieces you also loved during the summer. 

Stand out with our fashion statement pieces, especially because you can find all the colors loved by designers and fashion editors.

Beige, white, off-white, yellow, and brown are some of the colours you could find here. Chose from the remarkable unisex collection and return to the “feeling hot” state of mind you had during summer.

In this way you can wear underneath the winter coat all the perfect pieces you need in your everyday life.

Here you have a short list of must have accessories for winter coats 2019-2020:

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Take notice and stay ahead of time.

Z E N O S Y N E 



The sense that time keeps going faster.

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