Unisex fashion, 2020 lookbook – from DO’S to don’ts

Unisex fashion, 2020 lookbook – from DO’S to don’ts


We were all told, for as long as we can remember as a species, that men and women wear different clothes. Only in recent times do we take into account the manifestation of style and the breaking of patterns as a way to communicate with the new spirits, brave and unconventional people introducing practicality into a new fashion-oriented style.

Unisex collections make their way now into fashion both in high-end fashion and among more mainstream retailers, and even labels dedicated to the genderless fashion make their way onto the catwalks. So today we give you a fast way, a faster way and the fastest way to put together a unisex fashion statement for 2020.

Quick ... DON'TS in the unisex lookbook

Not every piece you borrow in tender moments from your other half can be automatically tagged as unisex look of the day. Clothes made for HIM or for HER are not representative of unisex fashion, but of a unisex style some agree looks both sexy and utilitarian.

Of course, there are voices, as Jo B. Paoletti writes in her book Sex and Unisex: Fashion, Feminism, and the Sexual Revolution, who make the claim that “…part of the appeal of adult unisex fashion was the sexy contrast between the wearer and the clothes, which actually called attention to the male or female body.”

But the consensus seems to indicate that unisex fashion is here to stay.

When it comes to everyday statement pieces, as Marcus Jaye, founder of style blog The Chic Geek, says, to fit is to form the fashion and accommodate the trend:

“Fit in clothing is important and men’s and women’s bodies are different. It’s not unisex if it doesn’t fit me. Clothes are all about proportions and finding a one-size-fits-all style is difficult”.

So the list of Don’ts in unisex fashion starts with:

  • Don’t borrow from your friends, brothers or sisters – follow what looks good on you and fits, and oversized trends don’t mean ill fitted pieces of clothing.
  • Don’t fear judgment – because this is a trend started by the brave and it goes well beyond statement pieces, it’s a statement in of itself for an equal future and less conformity.
  • Don’t follow the trend, follow your instinct – and as in all fashion related advices, wear what makes you feel more you or communicate your view.

Because statements are made when looking the part and wearing confidence, and not when wearing statement pieces with a fear of being looked at strange.

Don’t think it’s easier to wear unisex fashion, it’s bolder and it requires an even closer look at the details.

A Faster way to define your 2020 unisex style with statement pieces

Merging of men’s and women’s fashion is nothing new and from Prada doing it back in 2010, and Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen even before that, more brands are following.

Josh Sims, menswear historian and author says

“It’s hard to underestimate the impact David Bowie had on fashion.  He broke free of the then still powerful norms of gendered dressing – make-up, hair coloring, androgyny; he broke the mould.”

So we had the celebrity endorsement of the trend that brands really took notice of and started to erase gender from their collections.

And just by taking a look at high end statement pieces from these world renown designers, we can gain the confidence that a capsule wardrobe with unisex pieces cam make you part of a fast paced tribe of open minded people.

Above you can see the different directions from Tom Ford, to Lacoste, Balenciaga or Burberry. Statement pieces made to reinterpret the style and demand attention.

Inspiration for you and your need to make an impact, a change of pace and look.

Zenosyne’s way to get your unisex fashion statement pieces

Zenosyne is the fastest way to redesign your 2020 wardrobe. For you and your loved one, our brands new unisex collection has all the ingredients for the fast paced individual ready to redefine style.

Current affairs editor at PinkNews, Nick Duffy is stating that unisex fashion is setting a new standard for the industry.


“Unisex clothes are absolutely becoming the new normal in high street fashion. We’re seeing more and more major brands acknowledge that clothes do not have a gender –“

#belong becomes so easy to mark when you can choose from all these pieces, all of them inspired, created and worn not only for the look, but for the feel.   

From the timeless coat, to loose cotton pants and a statement leather jacket, you can now shop unisex.

Here are a few of the traits a piece must check to become labeled as Unisex fashion:

  • Unisex fashion statement pieces should never look like a forced compromise.
  • Some pieces are made to become unisex fashion icons: The perfect example would be a white shirt, jeans, and a trench.
  • The pieces display simple silhouettes, graphic patterns, and new fabrics with no historical gender associations (as lace was tied to women wear)

Check out our lookbook on Instagram and become part of the fast-paced tribe!

Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

Z E N O S Y N E 



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