Become an inspiration: Top 3 influencer Ideas  #ZNSquad

Become an inspiration: Top 3 influencer Ideas #ZNSquad

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  • Post published:January 29, 2021
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Become an inspiration: Top 3 Ideas from our #ZNSquad Influencers

Ever since you were a little girl you looked up at certain women. You admired them, you wanted to become them; and even now, you are certainly admiring some people: for their styles, for their success stories, for their love lives, or simply because you believe they share the same values as you. You admire your mother, your aunt, your friend, your professor, or your neighbor. From time to time you see a complete stranger, a simple passerby, and you also admire them. There is something about their clothes, their postures, and their confidence that mesmerizes you.

The strangest thing is that most of the times you don’t even realize that someone admires you. That the child from the bus looks up to you, that the neighbour girl wants to become you, and that the new coworker sees you as an example to be followed. The stranger thing is that you want to be an inspiration, you want to become just like the persons you admire.

We at Zenosyne found some public figures who have chosen our brand and we wanted to show you the ideas taken from them, ideas that will help you reinvent yourself and to become an inspiration.

1. Choose bold colours to stand out

Don’t try to hide behind “safe” shades. Be bold, take risks, and the reward will be based on your expectations. Just look at Nadine Abdelaziz looking glamorous in an all-orange outfit. She is wearing the Zenosyne trench coat and the matching wide-leg pants. However, just because she has chosen orange, it doesn’t mean you will also have to go with the same colour. You can go with pink instead. Or any other color you like. The idea is that if you like it and you look great in it, you should go with it.

2. Don’t be afraid to go all black

Black will always have a special place in fashion. It is a colour that can be classy and serious, but also playful and sexy. It is also a colour that goes well with different styles. Easy to match and easy to wear, all women have black clothing items in their wardrobes. We loved to see Bassma Boussel wearing the Zenosyne black leather jacket. She opted for an all-black outfit and the result is spectacular. Madison Hauck also opted for a black outfit, the Zenosyne jumpsuit. You could also look glamorous in all black outfits. However, if black is not your colour, you could also go for the opposite and choose an all-white outfit. Or maybe mix and match. It is up to you.

3. Match and wear

You might think that an effortless outfit can be achieved only if you stick with one colour. However, if you look at Carmen Grebenisan, you will see it is not the case. She decided to match the Zenosyne white coat with different other shades and the result is simply amazing. We believe that white has the power to bring together an outfit almost always and effortless. You could also opt for this white coat; we guarantee that besides being fashionable, it is also useful.

From where do you take your daily inspiration and motivation? Join the Zenosyne tribe of confident and powerful women and become one of those passersby that can inspire someone.

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