Tomboys then, powerful women now.

Tomboys then, powerful women now.

Tomboys then, powerful women now

Powerful women are those who do not stay in their corners, who do anything in their power to change the world, and who advocate for the rights of other women. We can find many powerful women throughout the history, but for now we want to focus on the ones who grew up being called tomboys.

The term “tomboy” appeared in the 1590s and it characterizes a “girl who behaves in a manner usually considered boyish”. Throughout the history and literature, we come across many feminine figures considered tomboys.
From Little Women’s Jo to the titular character Mulan, we have powerful examples that show us the importance of a tomboy, a look to reflect a state of mind and determination, for one not afraid to take action and to do the right thing no matter the consequences.

For today’s topic we picked five girls who adopted the tomboy style and who grew up to become powerful women who feel confident enough to be fashionable in comfortable outfits.

1. Kristen Stewart

If you want to take style tips from celebrities, Kristen Stewart is the perfect choice. She can pull off both classy and tomboyish styles. Being considered a tomboy during her childhood, she kept this label in her fashion choices. She looks confident and beautiful, and if you want to choose the perfect tomboy outfit, we suggest you pay attention to this woman. She can take a simple T-shirt and make it look fabulous, and so can you.

Zenosyne choices: 

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus grew up as the classic tomboy, and even though she is now a grown-up woman, she managed to keep some tomboyish elements in her daily fashion choices. The former Disney star likes to show off her abs with crop tops, and we can only follow her example.

Zenosyne choice: 

3. Ellen Page

You know her from the acclaimed TV series “The Umbrella Academy”, but she began her acting career a lot sooner. Just like the women before mentioned, she was also a tomboy growing up, and now she borrows elements from that nostalgic style. She can definitely pull off an oversized coat, and we suggest you go and get one asap.

Zenosyne choice: 

4. Mila Kunis

Another little girl known as a tomboy was Mila Kunis. She became well known in “That ‘70s Show” and we can say she came a long way from her beginnings. However, from time to time we will see her wearing the classic white T-shirt and a pair of comfortable clothes. It is the simplest combination, but it is also a winner outfit, and you definitely need to have it in your wardrobe.

Zenosyne choices: 

5. Emma Watson

We might say that she was a tomboy in her childhood, but more important than this, she became an intelligent woman, a feminist which is an advocate for women’s rights. In regards of fashion choices, she can certainly star an all-black outfit, and we suggest you make sure to have a similar outfit. We promise it is a safe bet in many situations.

Zenosyne choices:

Fashion has evolved a lot from the days we used to label girls as tomboys. Now, designers have finally started to create unisex clothes that look amazing on anyone, and we believe everyone should own at least one unisex piece of clothing. Just look at the following Zenosyne examples:

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