A sustainable personal style saves YOU and the WORLD: Start NOW

A sustainable personal style saves YOU and the WORLD: Start NOW

A sustainable personal style saves YOU and the WORLD: Start NOW

Fashion takes faster steps toward forgetting about trends and recognizing style. With sustainability in mind, a new way to create your own style while also caring for nature and being responsible can help define the best practices for your wardrobe and lifestyle. 

Today we talk about how a personal style is one of the most eco friendly ways to start the change that will change you. 

A sustainable personal style - what is it, how to find it, and why does it


Major fashion brands and even us, at Zenosyne, start looking towards a future where you decide the trend and what the statement is. Fueled by beliefs, choosing with respect for nature and being more conscientious, small actions can change the way we dress and express. 

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

  1. What is a personal style

Read our blog about inspirational figures where we included Gigi Hadid in our ##ZNSquad for the style she develops according to her lifestyle and beliefs. She says:

“I always feel better and more beautiful in things that I’m comfortable in so I was fine with putting a little makeup on and keeping my leggings on and going to a party.”

Any fashion conscious, forward thinking person will say that a personal style is a way to speak without words. Thus, high-end statements, not your common fast fashion items help you get

Unique, unconventional, and classical or timeless, some pieces have more than the power to create a sustainable personal style, they become part of the global fashion responsibility movement. Because everything you love defines you and expresses you, it is harder to discard or throw away. 

  1. How can I have a personal style?

An article in GQ says personal style and not fashion, holds the greatest reward: it allows you to invest in yourself, rather than in a bunch of ideas about who you could or should want to be. 

So start with what you love. Not at the moment, but rather what you have loved in the last years. What are you coming back to time and time again? Can you style that into a capsule wardrobe? 

  1. How do I know what my style is?

Observe, make moodboards that inspire you, and then ask questions or make your research. 

Do you like this? 

Then your personal style can be defined by these words: Streetwear, California, and Pop culture. 

Because this is Zenosyne. We started the same way and found a way to accommodate a hectic lifestyle to fashion-forward statement pieces that make an entire outfit. 

You can also find the overall feel or theme and then build in that space. 

  1. Why is personal style important for sustainable living?

We leave traces of our existence and choices. We are considered, followed, and judged according to our choices. Not by others, but by the planet. 

Personal Styling coaches and Sustainable Shopping coaches are new career choices helping others get closer to eco-conscious lifestyle. 

The main objective: 

“Imagine a world where our personal style could be of great service…to support Mother Nature, empower our fellow humans and save the unloved from going to waste.” Faye de Lanty

Here’s a Chanel Fall 2019 look  fabulously recreated in the middle for less by Faye. 

5. Tips to start developing a sustainable personal style 

  1. Get out of your comfort zone and start new habits – shopping habits and new styles can be a road through trial and error.
  2. Observe and decide – fashion culture comes from following profiles and personalities invested in making sustainability a lifestyle.
  3. Replicate and become – model your style after a person you admire, by identifying the key pieces they own and what makes them great (colour, shape, cut, material).

The timeless: all black, all white

  1. Learn to spot the winner – because it is more than possible you already own a statement piece. It only needs rediscovery and a way to compliment it and build around it.
  2. Wait and give yourself time between changes – and if you can’t feel comfortable with a style, give it some time to become a real opinion and don’t start the buy-discard-buy cycle again too soon. 

Zenosyne is committed to becoming one of your personal style inspirations towards a sustainable way of living. To rearrange fast paced lifestyles and offer high end solutions to capsule wardrobes, see us, read us, and get inspired by us. 

See you next time!


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