European street style: 2020 trends to end all conformity

European street style: 2020 trends to end all conformity


There’s no need for you to pay attention to fashion shows and if you missed the fall Fashion Week in the four most recognizable fashion-oriented cities in the world it’s really not a big deal. Because fashion starts on the runway, but the click click click of the cameras resounds on the streets mostly. 

Yes, we draw inspiration from the new presentations and collections, but the street style of those watching the fashion presentations is an entirely whole subject on its own. 

So we give you a fast way, a faster way and the fastest way to start making 2020 a stylish year. 

Fast … inspiration for a ready to wear street style for 2020

Want to be ready and get your fashion-forward statement pieces fast?

Tommy Ton, the man who was perhaps best known for taking an extremely goofy picture of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and others, is one of the world’s biggest street style photographers. He was one of the first people to pay as much attention to what people wore to watch fashion shows as to what they wore while walking in them. 

“Everyone who’s on social media, a form of taking your selfies is also taking a street style photo of yourself.”

So it’s not so much the new collections you should know, look for and follow, but the way people attending these mad shows appear that’s making for a better inspiration for you and your style, and also for predicting the future of  street style 2020 trends.


Fast-paced lifestyles mean inspiration on the go, thinking not so much about the result, but the fact that something needs doing. 

And a fast way to adapt a style to your fashion sense of self is by doing just this: looking at the media and the way fashion comes off the podium and into the news about celebrities.  

A Faster way to define your 2020 street style 

You need a faster way to create your 2020 high-end street style?

 “I think street style stars who have a big enough following have the power to launch a new item and create a trend,” 

Said Gabriele Hackworthy, fashion director of Net-a-Porter‘s Porter magazine, also believing that “Street style opened up the idea of personal expression and how to interpret different styles, so it gives the consumer more options when they’re looking to buy something new, buy into a brand or buy an item.”

So look around you. And choose the missing or the influence. 

Because street style continues to be a canvas where the most inspired can improvise or create now looks to hold all looks. 

Zenosyne statement pieces for the Fast-paced tribe of 2020

Do you want the fastest tips & tricks to make you become a genuine trendsetter in 2020?

For contemporary lifestyles and fashion-forward minds, Zenosyne is the fastest way to get there, in the unique patterns and statement street style where new trends meet YOUR trend and it all becomes the style people notice. 

EMILY FARRA form Vogue says that 

“fashion eventually drops labels like “menswear” and “womenswear” and designers continue to embrace true diversity, we’ll have them to thank for pushing us in that direction.”


 So we give you some one of a kind pieces and an extraordinary unisex collection for the european street style 2020. 

Trends to end all conformity and ready to wear pieces to make you stand out or #belong.  
Short list of must have pieces for women, as inspired by the opinions of the greatest fashion houses:

Check out our lookbook on Instagram and become part of the fast-paced tribe!

Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

Z E N O S Y N E 



The sense that time keeps going faster.

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