Spring 2021: Color Trends & Street Fashion Highlights

Spring 2021: Color Trends & Street Fashion Highlights

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Spring Colour trends: 2021 Street Fashion Highlights

Colours have always represented a great influence in our lives, they are meaningful and powerful. We all have our favourite colours and we will certainly wear them regardless of the current trends. On the other hand, we also want to look glam and we pay attention to the latest colour trends in fashion. There is a balance in everyone’s life. There is a line between personality and trends, between what is comfortable and what is high fashion, but most importantly, between old and new. And if you know where to pull that line, you will have the perfect balance.

Look out for the current colour trends and create a timeless wardrobe. We payed a close attention to the runways and here are some recurrent colours that popped out:

1. Monochrome: Trends that are here to stay

We have said it before, and we will keep saying it. Black and white are timeless. Taken separately or together, they will always be in trend.

a) All Black Outfits

Powerful women wear black. Sensual women wear black. Mysterious women wear black. There is something appealing to this color, and all black outfits can certainly bring out its best qualities. We loved the way No21 took the all black on stage. It is simple, it is elegant, and most importantly, it is achievable. All you need is a pair of black pants and a cropped blouse.

Zenosyne Choices:

b) All White Outfits

There is something mesmerizing about an all white outfit. It is simple, it is innocent, but worn in the right way, it is also powerful. We loved the Balmain’s representation of an all white outfit. However, keep in mind that there are many ways you can reach the same effect. Take a dress for instance.

Zenosyne Choices:

c) Black and White Delight

If separately they are powerful colours for powerful women, then they are surely a power couple. This spring bring out the yin and yang from within with this power duo. The simpler the outfit, the better the effect. Take for instance Roland Mouret’s black and white combo. All you need is a cropped top and a pair of suitable pants and you are ready to go. Where? Towards success, baby!

Zenosyne Choices:

2. Neutral Tones: Trends that will comfort your soul

There are moments when you simply want to feel comfortable. And sometimes this comfort comes not only from the piece of clothing you are wearing, but also from its colours. And neutral tones have this soothing effect.

a) Gray outfit in colourful spring

Sometimes when you are surrounded by so many colours, you simply want to lay low and to wear something that sooths your soul. Gray is the colour that will calm you down, which is here to bring you closer to your roots. The best visualization for all these feelings is the gray jumpsuit. Just look at the representation of Bottega Veneta.

Zenosyne Choice:

b) Beige outfits for the dreamers

Beige is calm. It is warm. Just like the weather outside. After a cold winter you finally feel the sun hugging your body. You want to go out for a walk so you grab the most comfortable pair of pants: a pair of beige wide legged unisex pants. You feel good. The birds are chirping, the world is good again. Even if for just one day. This is the feeling we get when we see DSquared’s pick.

Zenosyne Choice:

1. Bright Shades: Trends that visualize spring

There are times you will feel playful. When you will be so happy that you will want to show it. Usually during the spring people tend to remember their childhoods. They tend to fill themselves with hope and happiness. And how do you represent these feelings if not through bright colours?

a) Pink is for the hopeful ones

From pink flowers to pink diamonds, from pink pants to pink dresses, this is the colour of hope. We see this colour and we hear the tunes of “La vie en rose”. Everything is better in pink. For a better result, take the advice of Chanel and match it with a monochromatic colour. The effects are spectacular.

Zenosyne Choice:

b) Yellow is for the happy ones

As we mentioned before, each colour has a meaning. And there is no secret that yellow represents happiness. Maybe it is the smiley face. Or maybe it is because bananas contain serotonin, which actually lifts your spirit. Just imagine a yellow dress in the middle of the green surroundings. It is a happy view. Maybe this is the reason why Zimmermann added green grass in the background. And maybe you are meant to wear a yellow dress and to enjoy nature in style.

Zenosyne Choice:

You should take a moment and think about your favourite colours. They are the obvious ones. Now that you have them in mind, think about the colours that make you comfortable. And about the ones that make you feel in a certain way: happy, romantic, powerful, or simply in peace. You should also try new colours, maybe you will be surprised by their effects once you wear them. Do not be afraid to stand out.

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