Fast, easy, and smart shopping tips for a wardrobe reflecting your lifestyle

Fast, easy, and smart shopping tips for a wardrobe reflecting your lifestyle

Fast, easy, and smart shopping tips for a wardrobe reflecting your lifestyle

Most of the time a hectic lifestyle and too many eye catching collections make it difficult for us to focus on a style. Sometimes simply the need for certain pieces makes choosing the rest a chore, so we ignore it. 

However a personal style is something that defines us and can even become therapy at times. Putting on a dress to feel like yourself was a to go game for many of those stuck in the #stayhome necessary isolation.  

More than that, to have a recurrent style in your wardrobe denotes confidence, determination, and further helps your “voice”.

Zenosyne’s 3 smart shopping tips for an instant wardrobe change

We talked about statement pieces, family heirlooms, and guilty pleasures we cannot conceive of changing. And these are all part of a style. 

Is that style consistent with your lifestyle? It can be, if you feel it suits you, but it can also be built to reflect you and navigate around busy hours and the “office you”. 

  1. Choose the style, not the trend

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” (Lauren Hutton)

Make things visual. Like in everything else, a little context can help to create your wardrobe according to your lifestyle and start a smart shopping habit. 

Do you own at least 3 jumpsuits? 

Why is that? Necessity or love for the style? 

Get your wardrobe out and sort through the pieces. Style can be found in the pieces you chose, in the details you unconsciously pick every time, in the fabrics you fell for. 

Once you have them all in front of you…

… ask yourself: Is this my STYLE, my lifestyle, or my career?

Lifestyle: active, healthy, bohemian, nomadic, solo, rural – are some categories, according to, but also there can be the: workaholic, activist, contrarian. 

What you see above in the picture is Zenosynes’ luxury home showcasing, for those with an active, fast paced lifestyle, strong personality and personal space needs, who need to visualize and then decide on new clothes. It’s a smart shopping tip for you too, incorporating the personal touch of a sales representative and a dedicated showcasing just for you. 

From statement coats to streetwear and athleisure wear, to summer vibes and unconventional pieces, shop after you know yourself and your needs.

Lots of labels, few clues to help you define your style?

What if we told you that  style is easy? The lifestyle you want to give a majority in your wardrobe is the most basic expression of: 

who you are + what you get the most pleasure from +what your core values are

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” (Alexander Wang)

  1. Define the future YOU

Maybe your wardrobe is all over the place right now. From endless rows of office shirts and suit jackets, to maybe perfect manicured looks for your travels, you wear your lifestyle of this moment. With a good exces of loose T-shirts for the days off. 

And what about the place and person you want to be? What about your beliefs, convictions, and passion for the environment, for expression, for the real you? 

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” (Edith Head)

Start dressing for it. Start small, nothing drastic as throwing away your wardrobe. Just start a smart shopping habit, right now. 

  1. Smart shopping tips: 
  2. Simplify to the basics, start with what you have. 
  3. Build the list for what you love and express the above formula: who you are + what you get the most pleasure from + what your core values are.
  4. Trim it down to another short list of what you need in the close future.
  5. Start making subscriptions and follow the advice on online shopping we gave you in another article on Zenosynes’ blog.
  6. Start with the timeless pieces and the statement pieces you feel most passionate about, regardless of season. 

Like the ones below: the unixes oversized coat, a seasonless leather jacket, and the timeless white T-shirt. 

Time keeps going faster, but you can slow down just enough to decide what your lifestyle needs. Bookmark SHOP in your Favs, because the new collection is up and sales are coming soon!

See you next time!


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