Seasonless Collections and Sustainability

Seasonless Collections and Sustainability

Is time passing faster? So is fashion. There are some days, like the 5th of June celebration dedicated to World Environment Day, when some actions should become choices that shape the planet; and actions can be made by every one of us, as easy as a two step dance.  

In fashion, the two step move to protect the environment is: Reuse, Recycle. A seasonless collection can give you this and here’s why we cannot change the world right now, but we can change our minds about style. 

Zenosyne Seasonless Pieces - Fast forward to a sustainable future

The Sustainability dictionary includes those actions and pieces ready to create not just a style, but also a statement. Here are a few ways and some inspiration to minimize the impact towards the planet and to maximize the power of style with your choices:

1. REUSE Outfits

Three ideas for this style and mentality: 

      Follow and chose Seasonless Collections

A simple way of thinking and adopting this environmentally friendly way of shopping is consistency. Always think, who do you want to be? What do you want to project outside? What person would you like to represent to the society today? A seasonless collection has the consistency in conveying all those little fragments of belief. 

      Choose Unisex pieces to share clothes and have outfits in common with your significant other or your best friends

What seasonless collections give in continuity, unisex fashion gives in utility. Aside from becoming a more present trend, choosing unisex supports small batches, well thought collections, and thus slow fashion mentality.  

      Share, Gift, Change, or Spice up

Sharing, gifting, and exchanging clothes are ways to care about the environment and make more out of a piece, and take out from the average globally production of 13 million tons of textile waste each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled.

You create your world by who you see yourself as, so create it as a beautiful piece.  

 “I believe in timeless and versatile items of exquisite quality that respond to the needs of the modern woman of today. And this is something that will not change.” Sergio Rossi CEO Riccardo Sciutto

Designers and the fashion world, the fashion consumer, and the chase for the perfect outfit should slow down because there’s a lot to be accountable for. 

“You don’t change who you are every thirteen weeks; why should you change how you dress?” said a fashion industry CEO. And it’s true, considering the idea that seasonless could be the new timeless.

2. Recycle

Examples of RECYCLING habits that help us make a difference: 

      Wear recyclable materials, good to the environment and easy to dispose of or reuse, because textiles are hard to recycle. 

Mechanical recycling of fibers such as cotton and wool, which involves chopping up the fibers, degrades the quality of the material, meaning only a limited amount can be reused in clothing. 

      Make the outfits you wear the statement you stand for. 

Recycling should be on all our minds, from the conception of a piece, to the life cycle it has and the time it takes for it to disappear. Bellow, a recycled plastic dress and a dress made out of  cans at the Met Gala, a statement against polluting the Earth. Wearing cans and plastic outfits for the events where the world takes notice, that makes a statement.

      Buy less, buy smart. 

Hard to compete with the accelerated product turnover of fast fashion retailers, smaller brands and inspired designers started trends and created seasonless collections out of necessity; and most of the time necessity defines a trend. If we speak about the Earth’s survival, it just might be critical. 

***We at Zenosyne try to do our part and we create small collections, with fewer pieces, higher quality clothing,  flexible sizing, and unisex patterns and cuts. The seasonless quality only makes our pieces the choice for fast paced individuals with a passion for shopping responsible, to create a capsule wardrobe, a style, and a lifestyle with a dedication towards responsibility. ***

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Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

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