Online shopping tips for those with a fast-paced lifestyle

Online shopping tips for those with a fast-paced lifestyle

Online shopping tips for those with a fast-paced lifestyle

Is your hectic life obvious in your styling choices or do you have a hard time going into shops and investing time in making choices? Or are you just afraid of the online experience

Online was a necessity in the past few months, but it can be a safe option for those of you who for some reason or another will want to make shopping easier, safer, but also more personalized. 

As a brand created by a fashion lover with a hectic schedule, we put together 5 online shopping tips and 1 great idea for making shopping a personal show. 

Zenosyne’s 5 tips for online shopping like a PRO in 2020

During the past months, the online shopping numbers skyrocketed and we can partly connect these to the global pandemic. Luxury goods are still up 24% compared with before the pandemic, with statement pieces used to revamp social media profiles or online presence. 

What can you do to make your online shopping experience a great choice? Convenience and satisfaction aside, you can also make choices to define yourself and become a responsible shopper. 


1.    Shop internationally


        Check out the shipping & delivery info 

        Make sure to convert the price in your currency to get a great deal

2.    Shop in SAFE PLACES


        Search for deals in incognito, because some places operate different deals for different countries based on location, or if you browse from a Mac, you’d probably be shown higher hotel rates than if you were to surf on a PC.

        Make sure the website has the S: not the size, the letter in the website name – it stands for SECURE and it is payment optimized. 

  • Make sure the brand offers the following: flexible return options and flexible payment

3. Shop smart and customized

  • Make sure the customer service details are on hand and the brand offers support.
  • Make sure the brand has products in stock and the sizes are displayed.
  • Buy favorites out of season, go against the flow, and in the summer buy the coat you love. 
  • If you manage to go from impulsive buying to predicting the SALE period, you can end up with pieces in your wardrobe worth more at a great discount. 
  • Create an account on your favorite SHOP and make sure to receive the best deals and news, but make sure to create unique passwords for each website.
  • You can even create a dedicated shopping email account to avoid your main email account being swamped. 

4. Be informed

  • Become a fan and follow your favorite brands and influencers on social media for exclusive discounts. Many other opportunities are presented on the profiles, from giveaways to flash sales.

5. Shop responsible 

The environment needs our help and our shopping behavior can influence the change. Here are some things you can do in your online shopping experience: 

  • Choose lasting chromatics: Keep chromatics in mind as you prepare for the upcoming season. Pantone usually announces the color of the coming year somewhere in the middle of the year. As a tip, the color of a trend changes once every two seasons, so we can invest in pieces that can be worn all the time.
  • Choose statement pieces and timeless pieces: they have a better chance to stay in your wardrobe for a long time. 

BONUS online shopping tip: Create a personalized shopping experience AT HOME

Zenosyne offers a luxury home showcasing you can enjoy all over the world by following the next steps:

The global online shopping market is expected to reach US$6. 07 trillion in 2024, growing by 11. 34%, according to a study published in June 2020. 

Be one of the more experienced shoppers and bookmark SHOP in your Favs, because the new collection is up and the sales are coming soon!


See you next time!



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