5 things about fashion that shouldn’t scare you but do: October fashion 2020

5 things about fashion that shouldn’t scare you but do: October fashion 2020

5 things about fashion that shouldn't scare you but do - Zensoyne fashion, Halloween edition

How many times, Halloween excluded, did you imagine an outfit and when presented with the actual clothes, you let go the desire to wear them, just because, as Diane Keaton says:

“Colour can be too demanding.”

We think about trends of neon and lime or green and candy pink, but mostly always admire them on other people.

1.White, all white, all headache – wrong. Because it’s a myth that an all white should always be this perfectly constructed, three or more pieces, same shade ensemble:

It can be this, an easy mix of minimalist pieces with an easy high end clothing style to match you.

A one piece or two, rigid or loose, but always easy and comfortable. And the most scary thing about an all white outfit should be your too many options for the accessories.

2.So colourful you wished it was white – another scare that stops you from wearing a statement loud and chic. Neon, pink, all the too bright and noisy shades you stay clear of because you actually don’t think you can handle the attention. But trust us, once you have a whole room or street’s  eyes on you and you look like this…

…you’ll never go back to being afraid to experiment.
3.Oversized pieces only look good on certain people – and you know that’s a myth right? Oversize is cosy and it should not scare you into wearing it only inside your bubble and on the couch reading a book. Because most times one oversized item can make others want to read you or eat you up.

4.To choose a statement piece is like writing a speech: difficult. Another myth that can make it hard for you to decide on wearing something is to be afraid the fad is gone. But really, this is just an excuse not to buy that perfect leather coat you admired on a boy/man/woman. A leather jacket will never go back to not being a statement piece.

5.Unisex means no shapes – and you really need those shapes to make a point. But sometimes, the point and the statement doesn’t lie in the way a piece of clothing is designed, but in the way you wear it. Are you confident? Confidence is unisex, so show it.

And a BONUS fright, the opposite of one of the above, because sometimes what for some people is too much, for others is too little.

*This is just a trend, it’ll pass. And that fear right there stops you from becoming a role model to those around you. Be there and try out new trends, new ideas, get creative with the old, and never be afraid that something is too edgy.

A corset and wide leg pants? Why not. Over a T-shirt? Hell yes.

How to get over fears and develop a more daring,
scary brave style:

Follow fashion icons, not fashion trends. Choose someone you admire and emulate that style, because then you know you’re close not to the trend, but to the “right” approach of making a statement.

Watch our monthly #ZNSquad: Celebrity Style Guide and get to know the mentality behind the clothes. They are, after all, a tool, not a purpose.

“You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks.” – Rihanna

Start with choosing new shapes for the classics you always go for and next time, instead of a blouse, go for the detail. 

Treat every day like that awesome Halloween party you remember, when your costume was admired and you didn’t even try that hard. And the most important thing, remember how you didn’t care if anyone “got” the costume, because it was what you wanted to wear and to be.

Make that choice everyday and you’ll start to be less afraid and more daring.
Take notice and stay ahead of your time.


The sense that time keeps going faster.


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