Luxury Streetwear – A path towards self-improvement

Luxury Streetwear – A path towards self-improvement

Luxury Streetwear – A path towards self-improvement

Nowadays we are witnessing fashion history in the making, and luxury streetwear represents a turning point in this industry. Even though streetwear has been present since the ‘70s, luxury brands used to avoid it, in part because it was not a trend for their target audiences. However, a couple of years ago a shift started to happen and we witnessed famous collaborations as Supreme & Louis Vuitton or Pharrell Williams & Chanel.

These collaborations happened because the target audience has shifted. Those boys who used to rap around the block grew up to become the buyers of today’s luxury items. It is said that by 2026 Millennials and Gen Z will make up to 60% of the luxury market, becoming the ones who define the fashion industry hype. We at Zenosyne want to point out a few reasons why luxury brands started to embrace the streetwear fashion, hoping that you will also want to embrace it.

1. The athleisure trend in a hectic world

Millennials are the ones who increased the popularity of athleisure, and we are not surprised, since we are living in a fast-paced society. It is easier to take on a white T-shirt combined with a pair of sneakers and to get things done. One of the celebrities who adopted this style is Rihanna, and we are sure that once you wear a pair of wide-legged pants, you won’t want to wear anything else. We at Zenosyne believe that athleisure promotes sports and a healthier lifestyle, and once you start wearing the clothes, you are also starting to live the life. Victoria Beckham and Courtney Cox are perfect examples of why you should also adopt the athleisure style.

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2. The social media influence

While scrolling on Instagram you surely stop when you see someone in a crop top, showing off their perfect abs. Take for instance Emily Ratajkowski; she looks stunning. And once you see something on social media, you also want it for yourself. Be it a crop top or a corset belt, you need to have it. Luxury brands are aware of the increasing popularity of social media influence in the fashion industry, and if streetwear is the new hype, then let’s have luxury streetwear. Take for instance Kylie Jenner, who looks stunning in a corset belt that highlights her waist.

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3. The sustainability issue in the modern society

More and more people are starting to see the harm made to the planet, a harm made unfortunately by us. Fashion pollution is a consequence no one can deny since it has caused serious environmental impacts all around the globe. As a result, both brands and consumers have started to take action in this regard. We at Zenosyne already talked about capsule wardrobe and sustainable clothes. One tip would be to own jumpsuits because once you get one, you get the entire outfit without a lot of effort. Below you can see Kim Kardashian who looks great in a nude jumpsuit. Black pants are also a great choice in supporting the sustainability cause because once you get a pair, you can match them with so many clothing pieces. Just look at Dakota Johnson.

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4. The best way of expressing awareness

Luxury fashion used to be about showing off your wealth, now it has a much deeper meaning. With that in mind, luxury streetwear was created. Millennials no longer want to spend money just for the sake of showing off, they want to express something. And what a better way of silently expressing your believes than through clothes? From wearing pink for raising awareness of breast cancer to messages like “black lives matter”, these young people are choosing fashion to make a statement. Below you can see Elizabeth Hurley in pink during a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in London. Additionally, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas attended the “Black Lives Matter” protests.

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Luxury streetwear is here to stay. Just like an old tree growing its roots deed down the ground, streetwear is also growing its own roots in the fashion industry. Think about the clothes that will help you take a stand in this society, the ones that will scream everything you want to say.

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