How to turn luxury into an affordable STYLE

How to turn luxury into an affordable STYLE

How to turn luxury into an affordable STYLE

We work with style and we must be different to make an impression. We speak about Zenosyne as a brand, but this also applies to you. 

We create fashion-forward statement pieces composed from unique patterns and colours that enhance the wearer’s fashionable sense of self and offer a major advantage of comfort. People tend to look for luxury in activities that elevate them and allow them the taste of a lifestyle that is normally out of reach.

Today we talk about luxury, in transition from old definitions, as it becomes affordable when it begins to reinvent styles, redefine trends, and impress. 

For the 2020 season we are looking at a fast way, a faster way, and the fastest way to elevate your style to luxury: affordable and noticeable. 

Fast still means expensive

Luxury: affordable bags, belts, and unique pieces

Pre-owned fashion items acquired during sales or brand collaborations like Balmain for H&M and Stella McCartney for Adidas were until recently the only way and certainly the best fast way to have luxury fashion items. This strategy was a good market response from high end labels since it helped create their own line of affordable luxury brands to expand the consumer market. 

According to Deloitte’s Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2019 report, the most in demand luxury pieces come from these sectors and the numbers stands for companies within these sectors placed in top 100:

Clothing and footwear with 38 - Jewellery and watches with 32 - Cosmetics and fragrances with 11 - Bags and accessories with 9

Some of the above mentioned brands are in top 5 most searched brands, searches made for inspiration or with the intention to buy something. 

It is natural that searches for luxury and affordable pieces to come from the same areas, as we look for ways to follow trends and convert luxury to an affordable style.  

All the renowned brands can check a list of MUST HAVE factors affecting the companies’ position on the luxury spectrum: 

  • Premium price;
  • Quality/rarity of raw materials; 
  • Quality of craftsmanship;
  • Product exclusivity;
  • Service and personalization; 
  • Quality and exclusivity of sale points. 

In recent trends when the new generation knows what they want, history, longevity, and heritage take lower places in determining luxury status. As a result, brands that can communicate best with their audience and respond better, faster, and in the most innovative way take the lead. 

During an interview in luxe.digital, Guram Gvasalia, chief executive of Vetements – a group of young designers with the desire to escape the continual rebranding and reinvention of the fashion cycle, states:

Luxury is like dating. If something is available and in front of you, it’s less desirable. Scarcity is what defines it. The more demand there is, the more desire it creates.

Faster ways to stay in trend

Affordable luxury: what to look for in 2020

The Definition of Affordable Luxury Based on Consumer Perception, according to a 2017 study is as follows: Non-essential consumer goods which can compare with luxury goods in quality and design, but are less scarcity and expensive than luxury goods; they can reflect the quality and taste of life.

In this perception affordable does not equal inexpensive. Brands dedicated to bring luxury affordable pieces to the fashion conscious audience attempt to grab hold of their sense of perception and they present collections that not only age well, but will also be used frequently. 

A faster way for your wardrobe to get those luxury affordable pieces can be one of the following:

  1. You can take note of the major sales and campaigns, buy recycled or pre-owned fashion items once in a while


You can stay ahead of trends and buy the future trend, the individual statement piece which makes you stand out, turning the purchase into an investment for the following seasons.  

The fastest way to own affordable luxury items

Zenosyne and the 2019-2020 collection

With Zenosyne we create statement pieces in high quality ways, to redefine the fashion cycle and make forward thinking individuals decide on impactful pieces.

Demna Gvasalia, the creative director of Balenciaga, explains the shift in luxury trends:

“The emphasis has gone from quality and craftsmanship into the uniqueness of the product.” 

Our best contenders for this definition and the fastest way for you to get luxury, affordable, and unique pieces, are the following:

  • The Statement Vegan leather Handbag for easy access and chic style – created to satisfy your searches for affordable luxury handbags; it comes in trendy colours and with tiny delicate wristlet;
  • A true style statement creation inspired by Middle Eastern traditions with a street style twist: the Maxi Dress; it comes in various colours and falls on the body. Admire the detailed camo print with unique patterns and allow yourself to be admired in it. 
  • Any piece from our UNISEX Collection is definitely a great investment, as unisex comes a long way into defining one’s style and fashion sense; it keeps being praised by stylists and designers. 

BONUS shopping advice:

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Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

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