#ZNSquad: Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Hailey Baldwin Bieber

#ZNSquad: Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Hailey Baldwin Bieber

#ZNSquad: Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Hailey Baldwin Bieber

A model and television celebrity, Hailey Baldwin Bieber is making a splash in the news for more than her highly interesting relationship. Lately, she escaped with Bella Hadid, another celebrity from out #ZNSquad to Italy for a yacht quarantine. 

#ZNSquad is defining those with
fast-paced lifestyles and high-end street style preferences; and Hailey Baldwin Bieber makes it to the list because of her preference for casual, monochrome, and effortless oversized style. 

After years modelling for Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger, she can be your inspiration for a 2020 summer in an effortless choose and wear style. 

Celebrity Style: Hailey Baldwin Bieber and the guide to be effortlessly chic

Known for these looks…

She actually loves the feel of another style, and the good news is you can replicate it TODAY without having to get on a runway. She confessed to Elle magazine that:

“I’m honestly the most comfortable when I have barely any makeup on and I’m in a big tee shirt or sweatshirt”

And we see her often like this:

Get the look: 

WHY is Hailey Baldwin Bieber inspiring a style? 
  1. The runway didn’t make her style unapproachable – she incorporates a lot of streetwear and athleisure wear in her edgy style and we love it.

Get the look: 

The classic white T-shirt, baggy or cargo pants, jeans or Leggings, and Cropped anything, she makes them work. 

2. Monochrome is easy, but it’s also tricky

Those passionate about the all white looks know how hard it can be to accessorize and to pull off a clean look. Hailey makes it look effortless, matching oversized pieces to Chunky shoes or jewellery. 

These looks are so easy to bring together even for those with a hectic lifestyle but in need of a chic look. We create Zenosyne pieces for busy people who need statement clothes and the advantage of comfort.

3. She’s an example on HOW to adapt the style to social distancing

Like us, all responsible people, fashion cannot distance itself from MUST have accessories. In 2020, the must have is the mask. Wear it to feel safe, and make others feel safe.

#celebritystyle: 3 rules to recreating a Hailey Baldwin effortless look

Attributes like comfortable, oversized or monochrome, the HOW for these looks can be distilled to three components you can find in our store:


1.    Let size be all: and use the oversized pieces to wear dresses with sandals or sneakers.  

2.    Show some skin: and choose pieces or tie them so your middle can see some sun.  

3.    One tone: and discover the limitless possibilities of colour as the attention grabber, as the accessories hold it. 

At Zenosyne, we imagine designs for the unconventional choices you have to make when a busy lifestyle lets you little time to contemplate looks. We make them easy to wear and promise a high end style to make you noticed, appreciated, and part of our #ZNSquad. 

Check out our Lookbook on Instagram and become part of our fast-paced tribe!

Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

Z E N O S Y N E 



The sense that time keeps going faster.

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