Wearing Zenosyne: celebrities’ favourite brands and what makes us proud

Wearing Zenosyne: celebrities’ favourite brands and what makes us proud

Celebrities’ favourite brands and what makes Zenosyne proud

Some celebrities make their own, others have designers make it for them: either way clothes reflect a big part of what celebrities are, what they choose to represent, and sometimes what they attract attention to. Outside concerts, runways, and big galas, celebrities’ favourite brands for day to day wear have a few things in common: authenticity, eye grabbing style, and quality with intriguing details.

Zensoyne has more than a few of these qualities in its DNA, making a statement in choosing to design statement pieces.
Celebrities’ favourite brands, choices and Zensoyne’s friends

“If I had to describe my inspiration in three words, it would be: Streetwear, California, and Pop culture

Duna, the brand creator, defines the 2020 Zenosyne collection in three words and a hashtag: #belong.

Because the brand’s unisex collection represents a big statement and is one of the reasons it grabs attention. It makes for more than pieces in trend, it makes a bold argument for inclusion and fast choices with timeless pieces.

Armani, Chanel, Versace, Valentino, i.e. brands that celebrities endorse and became faces of, are taking over the red carpets.

But the more utilitarian-inspired pieces are for the day to day life and a true behind the scenes style. We cover this every month in our #ZNSquad blog articles, inspired by those we recognise as true trend setters.

The secret in creating clothes people love: need them first, fall for them in time, rediscover details later, and fall again.
Zenosyne’s designs come from the need to imagine fashion-forward statement pieces that make an entire outfit, catering to people who live a fast-paced lifestyle and care about their sharp sense of style.

Celebrities’ favourite brands in 2020 include names like I.AM.GIA, Reformation’s sustainable pieces and CHERRY, a brand that counts Hailey Bieber among its fans.

Fabrics, the story behind the brand, the cause it stands for, and its details make for good boxes a brand needs to check before a celebrity makes it part of the wardrobe.

Several celebrities chose Zenosyne products and made us happy to see visions aligned.

Kimberly Wyatt – American singer, dancer, choreographer

Maria Hidrissi – Model

Faryal Makhdoom Khan and her husband, the boxer Amir Khan

What we aspire to is making the most of trends and creating timeless pieces. We try to align the choices we make and our collections with the need to preserve and care for the environment. The fact that we use designs, fabrics and details thinking about quality, utility and strength is a conscious choice.

At Zenosyne, the favourite fabric would be our signature cotton-denim. And beside the sought after unisex pieces, our detail oriented design to buckles and zippers, and the cultural inspiration made us fit for some of these names.

We thank everyone for choosing Zenosyne and we encourage you to keep an eye out and recreate or upgrade your personal style. Defined or inspired by celebrities or your own vision.

Bonus inspiration for celebrities’ favourite brands

Keep the magazine subscription going and see how styling becomes art and makes up stories.

We loved this photo shoot taken by @nathanrichardsstudio for Elle Bulgaria. Zesosyne’s yellow unisex leather jacket made one of the 9 looks on 2 sets, shot in about 4 hours. And it looks amazing.
Be the celebrity of your world, start with feeling good inside your day to day armour. Stay classy!


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The sense that time keeps going faster.

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The sense that time keeps going faster.


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