Fast-paced lifestyle and the cure that comes from fashion

Fast-paced lifestyle and the cure that comes from fashion

Fast-paced tribe... take a minute!​

Hey, slow down for a bit.

Hey, slow down for a bit.

This will take just three minutes to read, so relax. Agree or disagree. Take an idea back to your fast-paced lifestyle—so you can enjoy life more and make it happen your way. 

Fashion can be the cure for many of the FAST implications. Time goes by and so little stays with us. 

Fast competes with Good, Fast cannot be Detailed, Fast must mean Sloppy. 

Fast ... fashion, fast food, fast life

You know the definition of this concept, and it’s not all rainbows and positivity. “Fast” suffers from many negative connotations.

According to Sustain Your Style, the internet encourages sustainable fashion choices:

“In comparison to just 20 years ago, people buy clothes five times more frequently than before, but only wear them half the time.”

While the pieces in these seasonal trends might be in line with trendy colors and ideas, most styles don’t meet the Statement Piece Benchmark:

  • Timeless – Something you choose over and over again and make a part of your personal style
  • Impactful – It’s something you feel comfortable being the first thing noticed by others—because it always is
  • More You – It makes you MORE—more confident, happy, trusting of the positives

And while some look for the piece to define them their whole life and others look for it every month or season, the truth is that a fast-paced lifestyle only allows us for that brief moment of WOW – OWN-WEAR.

So let’s make sure you wear the right pieces! Above you can see 6 statement pieces from high-end international brands. But a style and a statement can be made with affordable luxury and innovative collections.

The top 3 Waaay Faster rituals to slow down and enjoy life

  1. Taking the time to choose helps you return to YOU

    Why do statement pieces help slow time, provide more of it, and not sacrifice style? Because the right pieces can quickly develop an entire look. They start conversations. They create the pause to enjoy your look and be admired. You get to know yourself and your tastes.

    “First and foremost, statement pieces, be they jewelry, shoes, or a jacket, pull an outfit together, which matters if you dress for yourself or if you dress for others.”- Elaheh Nozari, Bustle

  2. Knowing the basics of fashion saves time for the important things in your life

    The characteristics of a statement piece include the timeless stamp, the “darling status” in your everyday street style and the cuts, colors, and material that make it durable.  

    And we agree with this bustle.com assessment, because shopping for multiple looks makes you slow down and consciously make a decision to include a piece that elevates your day-to-day, fashionable sense of self

  3. Slow down by stepping up

    Do you know that F1 drivers or high-speed skateboarders perceive time differently because of their reflexes? You can do the same with fashion. Spend less time learning about today’s trend and be bold. Create your own trend and wear it throughout your life.

The Zenosyne way for fast-pacing lifestyles and time to #belong

Don’t slow down, just pace yourself. See how a high end, street style clothing brand inspired by fast-paced lifestyles can redeem the negative in FAST. 

One of the future trends in fashion and our day-to-day evolution is unisex style. The way we think of clothes now makes this a timeless choice. From coats to day-to-day pants, with a twist on contemporary street style and the never-gets-old leather jacket, or the timeless appeal of the simple and sexy body, we provide the cure for fast and the choice for our fast-paced tribe.

Unisex, timeless, high end. Fall in love with our lovely style. Get the pieces your style deserves—and the fashion that gives you the power to make the world slow down.

Short list of must-have Statement Pieces from Zenosyne:

  • Jumpsuit – Made to your needs and your style. The sweetheart of trends for the past three years.
  • Coat and Leather Jacket – The luxe pieces to love, wear, and accessorize. Define your style in white, yellow, or conservative black.
  • Accessories – Fabulous last-minute accessories like a belt or handbag complete outfits and add pizzazz.

Check out our Lookbook on Instagram and become part of our fast-paced tribe!

Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

Z E N O S Y N E 



The sense that time keeps going faster.

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