How did ZeNoSyne start and why: get to know us!

How did ZeNoSyne start and why: get to know us!

How did ZeNoSyne start and why: get to know us!

Proud to showcase the new collection, we thought a short interview with Duna, the creative mind behind the brand, will help you get you ready to #belong to our #ZNSquad. Understand the brand, the vision, the feel and the future for Zenosyne, a high-end street style clothing brand inspired by fast-paced lifestyles.

It all started with a need for time and convenience and 3 years later, in 2020 is a movement for fashion-forward busy people who need statement pieces and the advantage of comfort. 

Zenosyne – Fast forward to a fashionable sense of self

Q&A: Take us back to the beginning Duna. Where and when did Zenosyne start? 

“Zenosyne started in 2018. I was pursuing my master’s degree in LA, and with my hectic schedule, I barely had time to think of what to wear to school, run errands, or grab a quick coffee with friends. At that moment, I realized the significance of having statement fashion pieces in your closet. That’s when I finally came up with a solution to create a brand that designs fashion-forward statement pieces that make an entire outfit. Problem solved.”

Q: Is it a struggle to have a nice outfit and be on time with a busy lifestyle? 

“People who live a fast-paced lifestyle and care about their sharp sense of style, often struggle to pick the right outfit and make it on time. Hence, we’re always fashionably late.”

Q: Today one can chose a statement piece from the very innovative unisex collection. What made you create a Unisex Collection, and was it the first to be defined in the brand closet?

“I joined many fashion pop-ups around the world, and I noticed that men were especially intrigued by our designs. I knew then that Zenosyne had a more significant market then I had thought, and that’s when I decided to expand and create something new that all men and women can enjoy. Yes, as it was my first time introducing items that also cater to men, I wanted to emphasize our entry to a new client profile.”

The idea for a unisex collection comes in a natural extension to the brand belief: Zenosyne is a noun that stands for the sense that time keeps going faster. And it’s happening to both men, women and all those focusing on the everyday.

The three defining characteristics of the brand are woven into the pieces of the collections: Bold, Comfortable, and Fashion-Forward.

Q: How many collections a year does Zenosyne present?

Zenosyne produces three collections a year, while one of them is a capsule collection.

Q: And what is your favorite hashtag to define the Zenosyne SS 20 collection we see on the website?


Q: What celebrity, country, culture, or trend inspires the collections?

“If I had to describe my inspiration in three words, it would be: 

Streetwear, California, and Pop culture

“I try to get inspiration from confident, unique, and daring individuals who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their clothes.”

Q: What are your favorite materials, fibers, and details to play with in the designs?

“My favorite fabric would be our signature cotton-denim. I include it in every collection as it is comfortable yet luxurious. My new detail obsessions are buckles and zippers. I try to introduce new details to every collection, but for now, definitely buckles and zippers.”

Q: Who creates the designs, and what’s the process?

“I design the collections with the help of my design team to bring my vision to life. Zenosyne has a full design team in-house who work so hard and go through many production phases (fabric hunting, samples, another round of samples…etc) to finally turn my sketches to tangible products.”

Q: And with a full team, how did the pandemic affect the brand’s day to day?

“As this tragic pandemic occurred, offices were on lockdown for a while, which slowed down our production process. However, we are now picking up the pace and doing our best to get back on track!”

Q: What are your favorite places for the photoshoots, and why?

“My favorite location is in Paris. Not only is Paris a beautiful city with fantastic scenery; but it is a city that is close and dear to my heart.”

Q: The iconic Zenosyne persona, the perfect fit for #ZNSquad? 

“Someone who lives a fast-paced lifestyle and cares about a sharp sense of style. Bold, confident, and comfortable in her/his own skin and likes nothing more than to express herself with the clothes she wears.”

Q: And celebrities wearing Zenosyne, part of the #ZNSquad?

“We’ve had several celebrities wearing our products such as Kimberly Wyatt, DaniLeigh, Bassma Boussel, Maya Jama, Faryal Makhdoom Khan, and Reem Al Suwaidi.”

Q: What’s your MUST when making a capsule wardrobe?

“Definitely, jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a lifesaver. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, and it takes 2 seconds to wear.” 

Q: One style advice everyone should follow in styling a #mood?

“One statement piece is all you need to make an entire look!”

Duna was here with us and her creations, a 2020 Collection you’ll have only the time to WANT, now get there and start feeling great.

See you next time #ZNSquad!


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