Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Gigi Hadid

Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Gigi Hadid

#ZNSquad: Celebrity Style Guide of the month: Gigi Hadid

Unconventional (brand attribute, Zenosyne way,) < ʌnkənˈvɛnʃ(ə)n(ə) = adjective – not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.

Let’s get together every month to explore the HOW and WHY some stars define a style we WANT to recreate. 

#ZNSquad represents all like minded people ready to embrace a whole new perspective on fashion, time, and sense of self. We warn you, this style and lifestyle is not for everyone, but you can get in #ZNSquad by being yourself.

We will choose a celebrity every month, for the daring and flexible sense of fashion, for the style and the beliefs we connect to, and we will share it with you.  

Celebrity Style: Gigi Hadid and the guide for a fashion chameleon

We talked about the celebrities we consider part of the #ZNSquad in another blog. Unconventional and high-end, personal and diverse as attributes, we start the series of articles with Gigi Hadid, the model who confirmed that she’s pregnant with her first child last month.
“I always feel better and more beautiful in things that I’m comfortable in so I was fine with putting a little makeup on and keeping my leggings on and going to a party.”

WHY is Gigi Hadid inspiring? 

1.Because she uses her style to help – she is currently involved in a fund raising for @NHSCharitiesTogether and @NAACP, for causes she cares about, like equality and support. She offered this look from her own wardrobe, a Fenty jacket and a Dior saddle bag to auction off, and documented herself with this picture. 

Get the look:

2. She’s actively involved in campaigns that raise awareness and encourage self confidence, like #PerfectNever, a Rebook campaign to confront unattainable notions and standards of perfection, choosing conceptual fashion to send a message. 

3. She’s an example on HOW to create a style 

Her style is defined by the things she loves and feels comfortable in. As an athlete in school and the very busy schedule in all aspects of her fast paced lifestyle, the sporty aesthetic was convenience over looks. And it works just for this reason. 

We can all get inspiration from people we resonate with. Even Gigi, asked by savoirflair.com, admitted she would “steal” a style. From who? 

“A lot of different people. I feel like, every day, I see someone on a street of New York City and I copy a little thing.”

Get the look:

#celebritystyle: 3 rules to recreating a Gigi Hadid street style

Attributes like originality, quirkiness, and small personal touches define a style. Here, the HOW can be distilled to three rules of style:

  1. Wear conceptual pieces: the term of conceptual fashion aims at using wearable clothes for raising consciousness, like sports bras and legging in high-end, classy combinations.
  2. Choose versatility: be ready for everything, layer and style according to your days.
  3. Defy the weather: you’ll surely get noticed as unconventional, a defining trait to Gigi Hadid.

Fashion as a way to be and to express yourself are in the Zenosyne DNA, designed into our fashion-forward statement pieces and our unconventional choices and patterns. We promise that your style can be elevated just by being here, in our #ZNSquad.

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Take notice and stay ahead of time.

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