Celebrity Couple Goals: Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan

Celebrity Couple Goals: Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan

#ZNSquad: Celebrity Couple Goals: Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan

Since they will be the protagonists of the new BBC reality show “Meet The Khans”, we decided to take a closer look at the fashion style of our beloved Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan. He is a boxer, she is an influencer, and together they are #amazing.

He celebrated his 34th birthday earlier this month (the 8th of December) and we know him for his professional career as a boxer, but we surely love him for his family life.

She is a gorgeous mother of three and an influencer with 901,000 followers on Instagram. If you are in search of a fashion role model, you should look her up. And did you know that she wore Zenosyne?

We at Zenosyne love to see powerful couples that lift each other up, who are always there for each other, and of course, who have a flawless fashion style. Yes, we know, they had their ups and downs, just like we all do, and this is what makes them humans and closer to us all. They are a true example of how one should overcome obstacles in life, and in regards of fashion style, Faryal Makhdoom & Amir Khan are the ones to be followed.

Keep reading and discover a few fashion trends we picked up from this power couple.

1. Grey is for the powerful ones

Grey is the color of silver and platinum, the color of iron, the color of rocks, it seems steady and powerful, and once you wear it, you will also feel powerful. Once you get yourself a grey jacket, you will get yourself that look that says that you have everything under control. And if you are thinking about our grey jacket, you can even share it with your special one, because it is unisex. Another thing we love about this color is that it looks great on any kind of outfit.

Zenosyne choices:

2. Matching outfits are for the lovers

There is a growing trend of wearing matching outfits. May it be the funny Christmas matching pajamas for the entire family, or daily matching outfits designed to grab all the attention from a room, this trend found its way into the hearts of many couples. We are bringing into your attention a few pieces that will certainly steal the show, just like a set of matching leather jackets. They are unisex, you can both have the same model, or you can play with the colors and change them among yourselves.

Zenosyne choices:

3. Black is for the mysterious ones

There is one color, or better said, non-color, allows your imagination to run free. Considered one of the most elegant colors, it is also the one worn at funerals, and it is also represented in a funny way as being worn by criminals when committing a felony during the night. Being sensual or sporty, black is certainly a color for everyone, and if you know how to wear it, you will see it goes with anything. Take for instance the Zenosyne black pants, which are also unisex.

Zenosyne choices:

What trends do you like to adopt with your better half? Do you like to wear the same color? And do you like to change unisex clothes among yourselves?




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