A call to wear pink in breast cancer awareness month 2020

A call to wear pink in breast cancer awareness month 2020

A call to wear pink and live in the green, in breast cancer
awareness month 2020

We usually call your attention to how fast time goes by and we urge you to stop and take notice. Zenosyne describes the feeling of time leaving us behind and going faster. This month, October 2020, we make another call and we want to tell you this:
“Stop just long enough to make sure you can go on being fashionably late.”

This October, in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure you take care, you take action, and you wear for femininity as a pink badge

It is the second most common form of cancer for women. And it’s essential that everyone is aware of its consequences, from friends to lovers, from children to colleagues. One of the ways we can help is by telling you to go and to be checked out.
Here are a few world voices to remind you of the same, through fashion, campaigns, and mostly by being examples.
Ralph Lauren is celebrating its 20th anniversary of Pink Pony campaign, all revenue going back into the movement.

More than funds going into campaigns for survivors, companies developing the science for the much needed cure, foundations making everything possible to offer access to medical investigations, celebrities also mark their October as Pink.


The first breast cancer awareness campaign started in the US as a weeklong event in October 1985, designed to educate people on the disease.
Now we know the disease and its consequences, the pain, and how vulnerable we are. But we also know that prevention and care can help us defeat it. 

Like these celebrities did:

Actresses, singers, mothers, sisters, diagnosed at 41 or 29 or 33, age is just a number even in this. So make sure this month you take a stand alongside all the women in the world, get tested, give advice, and get help.

How to be a voice in raising awareness:

1. Wear the familiar Pink Ribbon, the globally recognised symbol for breast cancer. More than honouring each and every one of the survivors, it makes for a small reminder to a friend, colleague or passer by to get checked out.
2. Get a new accessory or temporary tattoo to support the cause.

3. Wear pink. Remember the date and in the 23rd of October wear pink. To show support and to be a part, to move your energy toward better cures and more awareness. Let’s celebrate femininity by taking care of each other.

Duna, the Zenosyne brand creator, wishes you all the best and just like energy inspired her to develop the design of the brand, she’s confident we can also come together and celebrate awareness and prevention, instead of overcoming sickness.

“I try to get inspiration from confident, unique, and daring individuals who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their clothes.”

Be safe and express yourself in PINK this month!
Take notice and stay ahead of time.


The sense that time keeps going faster.


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