Bodysuit looks to fit a Diva or a Doer

Bodysuit looks to fit a Diva or a Doer

Bodysuit looks to fit a Diva or a Doer

If it were to explain the word “today”, we would probably say it balances a fast paced lifestyle with grace and style, just like a ballerina’s pirouette or a gymnast’s complex routine. We have within our reach the pieces that could help us do this, and most of them are timeless, easy to wear, but most importantly, they are easy to style.

The bodysuit has a long history, but if you thought designers can innovate no longer, look again. It has made its way into fashion from the 80’s clothes to nowadays pieces and celebrities like Beyoncé or Madonna have started to star this look on stages in front of fan packed arenas. This happened from various reasons. For starters, it is very easy to wear the bodysuit you love, and besides this, it also celebrates the feminine forms of each woman. Somehow it has in its DNA a sense of movement and it also includes the confidence boost. 

Right now we take a look at some benefits of having one (or 5) bodysuits in our wardrobe, we analyse the pros and cons of this piece, and we look at several bodysuit looks. 

Zenosyne offers you a fast way, a faster way, and the fastest way to dress like a Diva or a Doer and make your own bodysuit looks rock. 

Fast inspiration

Designers still take it to catwalks and concerts

Really, have you seen some of these looks? 

It is easy to turn the bodysuit into a statement piece when it is still making its way into the spotlight like this:

Bodysuit looks made the audience scream for the singers and they made the stage shine during Fashion Week shows, just like in the above presentation from Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya in Paris. When a female icon of the 70’s wears a golden bodysuit, this basic piece makes for everything but a basic look. 

The question that arises is if women dare to wear it like this: visible and proud.

The Net-A-Porter buying manager Sasha Sarokin says in startupfashion.com:

The funny thing about bodysuits is that they can’t really be a trend, because you can’t actually see them.” 

Reading this statement we ask ourselves if this piece can still be considered a sartorial secret for the women who are not performing on stage. We think not, because from long sleeves to innovative cuts and shapes, it can become easy to wear, as it is a genuine style statement. Half vintage piece, half athleisure with the benefit of a flattering shape, it is both functional and attractive. It also leaves a lot to the designer’s imagination, as it can be made and remade, reinvented with cuts, textile, and applications, to fit the Diva or the Doer.  

Faster way to get the look

Layers and combinations to mix and match

From its conception, this has been a piece that’s perfect for layering. 

You don’t have to search too hard for ways to make it look great. Day or night, it fits perfectly in various combinations, from black-tie maxi skirts to denim cut-offs. Trendsetters and influencers display countless ways to style a bodysuit look, so look for these pieces next time you choose to wear one:

    • High waisted jeans; 
    • Wide-leg trousers;
    • Casual tracksuits;
    • Flowy skirts or pleated maxi skirts;
    • Two piece suits.

In other words, it basically fits any piece in your wardrobe

There are too many pros of having a bodysuit, from the tendency to be snug to the fact they are great for layering. It is both practical and fashionable, it can offer a seamless look, and it is easy to wear, so it is hard to say no to one. 

Among the complaints against it are the fitting form which shows every little imperfection and the difficulty of adjusting it to fit perfectly. 

However, in this situation, the pros outweigh the cons, and more than 100 years of history and recent trends prove that bodysuit looks are here to stay, becoming a must for the fast paced TRIBE. 

The fastest way to rock the trend

*Zenosyne and the 2019-2020 bodysuit looks*

Our new collection has the bodysuits to fit both your lifestyle and shape. They are more than new acquisitions for your wardrobe, they make a statement in your life. 

An article on the history of bodysuits in crfashionbook.com states:

The bodysuit entering mainstream fashion was a tangible confirmation of women’s changing role in society–it symbolized her newfound liberation, departing from the more modest fashion of the decade before and opening the door for further sociocultural innovation.”

Let us inspire you with 80’s throwback looks and casual styles that will make your days so much better and which will get you in the mood to celebrate femininity. 

We look at fast paced lifestyles of fashion oriented spirits that come to meet their needs with bodysuits in different colours and cuts. This is a lookbook of pieces that can style up both your winter and spring. 

The goal of Zenosyne is to offer fashionable bodysuits in different styles and colours to shape your mood and mould on your needs. 

We have 5 main styles and choices for you and your sporty outfit or #instafashion tag photo. 

Get inspired, be brave, and celebrate your feminine shapes. 

Chose one of these pieces to complement the bodysuit looks:

Check out our lookbook on Instagram and become part of the fast-paced tribe!

Take notice and stay ahead of time. 

Z E N O S Y N E 



The sense that time keeps going faster.

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