How to turn luxury into an affordable STYLE

How to turn luxury into an affordable STYLE We work with style and we must be different to make an impression. We speak about Zenosyne as a brand, but this also applies to you.  We create fashion-forward statement pieces composed from unique patterns and colours that enhance the wearer's fashionable sense of self and offer a major advantage of comfort. People tend to look for luxury in activities that elevate them and allow them the taste of a lifestyle that is normally out of reach. Today we talk about luxury, in transition from old definitions, as it becomes affordable when it begins…

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Bodysuit looks to fit a Diva or a Doer

Bodysuit looks to fit a Diva or a Doer If it were to explain the word “today”, we would probably say it balances a fast paced lifestyle with grace and style, just like a ballerina’s pirouette or a gymnast’s complex routine. We have within our reach the pieces that could help us do this, and most of them are timeless, easy to wear, but most importantly, they are easy to style.The bodysuit has a long history, but if you thought designers can innovate no longer, look again. It has made its way into fashion from the 80’s clothes to nowadays pieces and…

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Fast-paced lifestyle and the cure that comes from fashion

Fast-paced tribe... take a minute!​ Hey, slow down for a bit. Hey, slow down for a bit.This will take just three minutes to read, so relax. Agree or disagree. Take an idea back to your fast-paced lifestyle—so you can enjoy life more and make it happen your way. Fashion can be the cure for many of the FAST implications. Time goes by and so little stays with us. Fast competes with Good, Fast cannot be Detailed, Fast must mean Sloppy.  Fast ... fashion, fast food, fast life You know the definition of this concept, and it’s not all rainbows and positivity. “Fast” suffers from…

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