Black Friday Shopping Lists

Black Friday Shopping Lists

Black Friday Shopping Lists

Do you remember where you were on this time of the year in 2019? What were your dreams and hopes? We would like to ask you if anything has changed since then, but with the Pandemic and the current situation, it is safe to assume that the answer would be yes.

However, we dare to ask anyway. Do you remember all the promises you made to yourself? Have you kept them? Did you adopt the capsule wardrobe you talked about? Did you choose eco-friendly brands to help the planet? Did you redefine your style? If not, this is the time to get through your new plans and Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to start taking action.

Our Black Friday Offer: Spend €250 and get back €50, and €500 you will get back €100.

Time to change!

Usually fashion and haircuts are the best ways to reflect a change in our lives. The clothes we wear define us. They tell the story of who we are.  

With all this in our minds, we thought about Black Friday and how you could use it in your advantage so you can be prepared the following year. And since we want to make sure that you take advantage of this Black Friday, our offer is available until the 29th of November. 

1. Correct postures and corsets

Yes, we know. When you hear about corsets you think about “Gone with the wind”, but luckily for all of us, some designers like Jean Paul Gaultier managed to bring it back into our times and to adapt it.

“I have loved corsets since I was small. When I was a child, my grandmother took me to an exhibition, and they had a corset on display. I loved the flesh color, the salmon satin, the lace.” – Jean Paul Gaultier

Once Madonna personally requested him to create her outfits for the Blond Ambition tour, so he made sure to create a corset not to be forgotten.

Besides being an amazing fashion statement, corsets are also famous for helping improve our postures. If one of your goals are to finally sit correctly while being a fashion icon, make sure that you have a corset in your wardrobe. 

Below you can see Elle Fanning and Bella Hadid using corsets while combining the classic black and white: 

Zenosyne choices: 

  1. Rock star vibes and leather jackets

Once you start redefining your style and recreating yourself, make sure to add some spice in your daily outfits.  A leather jacket will help you achieve this by getting that rock style vibe. Add this item on your Black Friday shopping list ASAP. 

Below you can see Emma Watson and Gigi Hadid wearing different types of leather jackets:

You may also choose one that compliments your style the best.

Zenosyne choice: 

3. Comfy style and oversized coats

Winter is coming. And this is not just a direct quote from George R. R. Martin. As such, you will want to wear something warm and comfy, and at the same time you will also want to be in style and to make a statement. We at Zenosyne have the perfect solution: oversized coats. It seems this trend came to stay and by looking at Celine Dion, Priyanka Chopra, and Hailey Bieber, we understand why:

Zenosyne choices: 

  1. Put the Black in Black Friday

Since we are talking about a Black Friday shopping list, we must mention black clothes. As Christian Dior says: 

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” 

This is the color of mystery, chosen by many powerful persons, the color that can easily match with any other color. It is a must in capsule wardrobes, and thus you must definitely get some black fashion items. 

If you are not fully convinced, check out Billie Eilish, Bebe Rexha, and Chrissy Teigen looking fabulous in different styles of all black outfits: 

Zenosyne choices:

All this being said, what fashion items will remain on your Black Friday shopping list?

Since we want to make sure that you get the Zenosyne Black Friday, we made sure that it is available until the 29th of November. If you spend €250 you will get back €50, and if you spend €500 you will get back €100. In this way you may choose exactly what you desire.

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